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Stupid Apple Tricks – WatchOS 2.0

Here’s a list of the things that have gone wrong with Watch OS 2.0 since it came out and I upgraded. My watch entered super power drain mode after the update.  I got home with 10% battery life … normal would … Continue reading

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Experiences with the HP Z27q 5k monitor on the Macbook Pro

It’s been a while since the HP Z27q was first released in the US … about 4 months or so.  I’ve been chomping at the bit to go Retina on the desktop for a long time, so the relatively reasonable … Continue reading

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Why I’m (not) geeking out about eero

After reading an article that Bruce Snell wrote called “Why I’m geeking out about eero“, I sat down for a moment and contemplated why I had exactly the opposite reaction. First of all, what eero is doing is not particularly … Continue reading

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Your Airport Extreme and/or Time Capsule might be screwing up your network

My iTunes library recently developed a problem wherein the Home Sharing would spontaneously die within a few hours of starting up the library.  This was extremely annoying because I’ve built up a whole networked home entertainment system over the years … Continue reading

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Tesla P85D thoughts

Basically, a dual motor version of the tesla that can, at the high end, accelerate from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. A lot of promises also around autopilot and active safety features. I love the idea but I’m skeptical this is … Continue reading

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iPhone 6 thoughts

I honestly didn’t find much compelling in the way of features on the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  The industry seems to be reaching a bit of plateau in the innovations they can bring to the mobile phone market.  But … Continue reading

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Airport Extreme bugs (and guest network performance problems)

The Airport Extreme is my favorite consumer grade access point.  I’ve had well over 10 different models go through myself or to various friends and family, and all of them are still running. Unfortunately, while the hardware and firmware are … Continue reading

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Quick revisit of pfSense

pfSense on the Intel NUC continues to impress. It turns out that in the past few months some of the newest Intel NUC’s got full pfSense support.  I also discovered that booting pfSense off a USB drive works really well, … Continue reading

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The Keyport slide: Pain in the ass to buy, but nice once you have it

Let’s face it … keys are annoying. There may be a day, friends, when we can use biometrics to sign in everywhere … but that day is not here yet. In the meantime, we get by with lots and lots … Continue reading

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Lost a bit of weight thanks to Grown Up Soda and Dry Soda

    As we are perhaps all wont to do, I’ve gained a bit of weight in my older age.  Don’t take this the wrong way … I’m not exactly fat by any standard, and I don’t look old.  But … Continue reading

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