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How to fix Ubuntu 20.04 on the Lenovo ThinkCentre M920q / ThinkStation P330

I mentioned a few months ago that Ubuntu 20.04 was unstable on my Lenovo ThinkCentre M920q. 18.04 worked fine, so I kept it on there until development circumstances forced me to upgrade. I took a gamble that the issue might … Continue reading

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How to REALLY fix Chrome Remote Desktop on Ubuntu 18.04

So, as I hinted in my last post, I’ve been fixing up an Ubuntu machine to do some development on.  This machine needs to be headless because it isn’t my primary development machine, and running a VM everywhere I have … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 18.04 – how to fix auto login

I always joke that when a new release of Ubuntu comes out, it’s time to f*** up all my computers. It’s funny only because it’s true. The plan had been to use 20.04 when it came out last week, but … Continue reading

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Working around pfSense Unbound DNS race condition on startup

I previously wrote an article on how well pfSense has worked for me.  I’ve so far managed to get it to do everything I have thrown at it, short of integrating fully with my UniFi based network. There is one … Continue reading

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Adventures in cooling the UniFi US-8-150W

After hearing about Apple discontinuing further development of the Airport Extreme, I decided to switch to Ubiquiti’s UniFi line of wireless gear about a year and a half ago.  The internet is full of great reviews, so I didn’t need … Continue reading

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Nest Temperature Sensor impressions

It’s not uncommon for a thermostat to be located somewhere that doesn’t correlate well with the area you really want to be temperature controlled.  In fact, it’s probably the rule rather than the exception.  Thermostat placement is often dictated by … Continue reading

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A plug and play USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet adapter for Mac’s

In a previous blog post, I noted the insane lack of simple Gigabit Ethernet adapters for Mac’s.  Even the ones that claim to be “plug and play” have some bad reviews when it comes to handling resume from sleep or … Continue reading

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EasyClosets review and experiences

This is a review of a custom closet design ordered from EasyClosets. Motivation Recently, I got it into my head to redo our main walk-in closet. This was not for purely practical reasons.  Between our storage cage downstairs and my complete … Continue reading

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iPad Pro 12.9 long term review

In my previous review of the iPad Pro, I touched on a lot of the awkwardness surrounding the pricing, new peripherals, and overall experience of Apple’s latest tablet.  Now that I’ve had the iPad Pro 12.9 for almost a year, … Continue reading

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Silly Apple tricks: #5 – The USB Ethernet adapter

Want to get gigabit wired speed from your MacBook?  You can use a third party adapter with a funky third party driver (which, if you do any sort of research, are apparently all completely unreliable).  Or you can use Apple … Continue reading

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