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Working around pfSense Unbound DNS race condition on startup

I previously wrote an article on how well pfSense has worked for me.  I’ve so far managed to get it to do everything I have thrown at it, short of integrating fully with my UniFi based network. There is one … Continue reading

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Adventures in cooling the UniFi US-8-150W

After hearing about Apple discontinuing further development of the Airport Extreme, I decided to switch to Ubiquiti’s UniFi line of wireless gear about a year and a half ago.  The internet is full of great reviews, so I didn’t need … Continue reading

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Why I’m (not) geeking out about eero

After reading an article that Bruce Snell wrote called “Why I’m geeking out about eero“, I sat down for a moment and contemplated why I had exactly the opposite reaction. First of all, what eero is doing is not particularly … Continue reading

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Your Airport Extreme and/or Time Capsule might be screwing up your network

My iTunes library recently developed a problem wherein the Home Sharing would spontaneously die within a few hours of starting up the library.  This was extremely annoying because I’ve built up a whole networked home entertainment system over the years … Continue reading

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Airport Extreme bugs (and guest network performance problems)

The Airport Extreme is my favorite consumer grade access point.  I’ve had well over 10 different models go through myself or to various friends and family, and all of them are still running. Unfortunately, while the hardware and firmware are … Continue reading

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pfSense is great if you want to build your own router/gateway

I’m pretty hard on my networking hardware.  For a few years, I’ve been quite happy with OpenWRT running on a WNDR3700 by Netgear.  Just the routing and gateway functions … I always separate wireless access point functionality onto other devices. … Continue reading

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