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Lost a bit of weight thanks to Grown Up Soda and Dry Soda

    As we are perhaps all wont to do, I’ve gained a bit of weight in my older age.  Don’t take this the wrong way … I’m not exactly fat by any standard, and I don’t look old.  But … Continue reading

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The consumption mentality

Recently, I’ve been fascinated by various forums and blogs about personal finance … and the weird situations into which people get themselves. There’s a large subset of people out there (arguably, the vast majority, actually) that don’t think about how … Continue reading

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What it’s like to live on the Las Vegas Strip

Now that I own property in Las Vegas, I’ve made week long stays there several times.  While I’m not a full time resident, I think I’ve gotten enough of a feel to comment on what life on the Strip is … Continue reading

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