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Silly Apple tricks: #2 – The Thunderbolt monitor

Do the folks at Apple hate monitors? ¬†Because everyone *I* know that doesn’t work on a laptop exclusively needs one. ¬†And the current Thunderbolt monitor seems to be going for the highest priced piece of obsolete technology award. When it … Continue reading

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Silly Apple tricks: #1 – not reconnecting to WiFi

Even though we all love our Apple products, sometimes it’s just maddening that we put up with weird issues day in and day out that nobody at Apple seems to care about.  It’s almost as if nobody there uses their … Continue reading

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A little keyboard trick for the iPad

So, in my last blog post, I mentioned how I wanted to be able to type on the TOP of the screen due to that being where my hands can most easily reach when I’m sitting in bed with the … Continue reading

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