Silly Apple tricks: #1 – not reconnecting to WiFi

Even though we all love our Apple products, sometimes it’s just maddening that we put up with weird issues day in and day out that nobody at Apple seems to care about.  It’s almost as if nobody there uses their own stuff sometimes.  Well, it may be a bit optimistic to change that, but this blog is as good a place as any to vent about the problems I keep working around on a regular basis.

The first entry in this series is about WiFi on the MacBook.  For some reason, MacBook’s of all flavors will simply randomly decide to not connect to a WiFi network that it is authorized to connect to.  As someone who serves as tech support for his parents, having the WiFi decide not to connect for no reason is absolutely maddening.  This is a computer that literally never leaves the house, so it doesn’t even suffer the difficulty of having to switch networks.

The worst that might happen is that the internet goes out or a power outage occurs.  The access point and internet come back online, but MacBook doesn’t reconnect to the WiFi unless manually forced to.

Ridiculous.  I get a call sometimes when this happens, and it really just shouldn’t happen at all.  Period.

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