Here’s a good drive to use with Time Machine on the Airport Extreme

If you weren’t aware of it, the current generation of Airport Extreme (802.11ac version) officially supports Time Machine backups to drives connected to the USB port.

But which drive to get?  Some drives work strangely with the USB port on the Time Capsule since they try to draw a lot of power.  On the other hand, it’s sort of a nice idea to avoid drives with external power supplies.  It can be really inconvenient to find extra space for a wall wart that has to wire all the way back to the drive next to your Airport Extreme.

Well, I took a chance on the Seagate Backup Plus Slim 4TB Portable External Hard Drive … and it works admirably.  It runs off USB power alone, which makes it easy to simply place next to your Airport Extreme regardless of where the power outlet is.  Just be sure to format the drive on your Mac before you hook it up to the Time Capsule, since it defaults to NTFS.  Enjoy!

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1 Response to Here’s a good drive to use with Time Machine on the Airport Extreme

  1. Peter says:

    Hey there! Thanks for the blog – I have been having issues with my new Seagate hard drive and I am looking to exchange it. There are four types of Seagate external hard drives – Ultra Slim, Slim, Portable and Fast. (confusing I know). You wrote – Seagate Backup Slim, but the link goes to Seagate Backup Fast on the Amazon website. Can you clarify which one you got? – Slim 2TB (Slim is not available in 4TB), Portable 4TB or Fast 4TB?

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