Stupid Apple Tricks – WatchOS 2.0

Here’s a list of the things that have gone wrong with Watch OS 2.0 since it came out and I upgraded.

  1. My watch entered super power drain mode after the update.  I got home with 10% battery life … normal would be about 60%.  The internet recommended fix … unpair and repair.  Seems to work … battery life might even be better now than WatchOS 1.0.
  2. On another phone/watch combo, the verification after downloading the update was stuck.  Internet recommended fix … reboot both phone and watch, reset network settings on the phone, and restart the update.  Worked.  Hopefully we don’t see the same issues with power drain on this particular pairing of phone/watch.
  3. Apps on the watch don’t seem to automatically update after the upgrade … meaning if you have a app that uses Watch OS 2.0 functionality and you try to run it, it may just hang forever.  Which, to be honest, seemed to be a “feature” of all WatchOS 1.0 apps for the past 6 months.  Fix for this: delete the app from your Apple Watch’s app home screen.  Then reinstall the app through the Apple Watch app.

If you can’t tell, I think Apple’s QA is really not on the ball lately.

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