Calling out Google search result fakers

So apparently, Google hits websites with a so-called death penalty if they perform shenanigans like returning different results for search engines as compared to regular users.  This policy, for obvious reasons, keeps the integrity of the search process honest and trustworthy.  How is a search engine supposed to try to return the best results if it can’t see what you see?

Good, because I’m posting right now about two sites that keep returning fake results and ought to get the death penalty too.  I’ll see an interesting blurb that looks like what I’m searching for.  Then I click through and all I see is a damn subscription form…or better yet, ads and a blank article page. O fakery, let me cast thee out of mine sight!

1.  Search Google for “mark russinovich superspeed”.  The first link goes straight to the abuse I’m talking about.  Can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to find information and been hit by their stupid magazine hijinks.  Let me get a chair for you, dear IT Pro…the electric chair!

2. Every so often, I’ll search for something and their site will show up with some question that doesn’t have the words I was searching for and a button that asks me for a frigging subscription to see answers.  Check out this guy’s post, he hates them too.  I’m not quite sure if they are breaking the letter of the law here, but they sure don’t belong in the search engine.

I have judged these two sites and found them to be guilty of funny business.  The sentence…is Google death.  Die, time wasting links!

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