Devil May Cry 3 for PC

Ahh, the state of gaming on the PC is rather grim at the moment.  Consoles are where the money is at, and publishers have been flocking there in droves.  Games on PC’s are increasingly skewing towards MMORPG’s and rehashed FPS’s…which I have no intention of touching.  I find myself wanting one of each console for the more interesting, different, and better produced games that they have.

Which is why it’s refreshing to see Devil May Cry 3 slated for PC release.  It’s a triple A action title for Playstation 2 and one which I wholeheartedly enjoyed playing due to cutscenes with better action than most movies and extremely challenging gameplay.

I’ll grant you that consoles probably aren’t going anywhere any time soon.  But if I’m already going to drop some thousands of bucks on a computer, I’d rather do more of my gaming there as well.  PC’s are great at consolidating technologies, and this is just one more way to do it.  With a properly equipped laptop, you’ve got a portable high powered gaming machine that’s just built into what you’re already carrying around anyway for other stuff.

I’m glad Microsoft has been making some noise about correcting this gaming situation on Windows recently as well, because if it doesn’t get better, the bottom is going to drop out of the graphics card market on PC’s.  Better graphics don’t matter if you don’t have anything interesting to see.

Anyway, I’m eagerly awaiting the release of DMC3.  I already played through the original PS2 version, but this is going to be the Special Edtiion version, which adds a new playable character and more features.  I’ll probably need to pick up an Xbox 360 controller to go with it…frankly, the PC has never seen an action title of this caliber, ever.  These kinds of games have been the exclusive domain of consoles…perhaps another sign of the creative degeneration of the PC gaming market.  At any rate, this will be a watershed event…I may just keep the game on my computer for a good long time to come as a result.  Now if only they would port Ninja Gaiden Black

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