External monitors with notebooks/tablets

Eric Mack (well known for Getting Things Done and Tablet PC’s) is asking about using external monitors with a Tablet PC.

Here’s my advice…if sticking to the traditional approach of hooking up an external monitor to the tablet is favored, then just go with a 1900×1200 LCD.  You can’t go higher without the dual link DVI interface.

If Eric can swing it, however, I believe using MaxiVista may be a very viable alternative.  MaxiVista installs a virtual display adapter on your computer and then sends the display over to a computer on the network.  So, hook up two spare PC’s to the network, buy two dual-link DVI capable cards for each PC, buy two 30″ Dell widescreen displays, then set up MaxiVista.  As long as he doesn’t need snazzy 3D graphics, it should blow away any other approach.  Of course, adjust the hardware to fit your budget…the above is the dream scenario. =)

As you all know from past posts, I’m big on getting rid of wires.  So I was originally interested in MaxiVista as a way to get an external monitor without having to plug the thing in every time I sat down with my notebook…essentially a wireless external monitor.  But of course there are additional benefits to the virtual approach, such as exceeding the limits of your built in display adapter.  The above is case in point.

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