A quick analysis of the MacBook Air

So Apple finally announced their ultraportable notebook.  One question … what took you so long, Apple?

It's a nice option for Mac lovers.  It's not so competitive, however, compared to the options in the PC space.


  • There's finally an ultraportable Mac option.  Yep, if you been wanting a really light and portable Mac, the wait has been long and painful….and now it's over.
  • 13.3" screen.  A screen of this size is unusual in the ultraportable class.  You tend to see 11.1" or 12.1" screens.


  • Design scheme is tired.  Come on guys, the aluminum look is starting to wear thin.  Add some color to the lineup or shuffle things around a bit.
  • Storage options are below par.  80GB max?  The Sony TZ can have both a 64GB SSD as a primary drive and a 250GB HDD as the secondary drive.
  • Battery is not user replaceable.  Apple does this with a lot of their products for the sake of aesthetics…but in a two thousand dollar investment, it's more painful issue.  Batteries tend to go bad within a couple of years, so if you're planning on hanging onto the notebook for longer, you might find yourself having to service the notebook.  Also junky if you're hopping on an international flight or doing some heavy traveling.
  • Ports and accessories are lacking.  One USB port?  No ethernet jack?  No integrated WWAN option?  These are livable problems, but smaller laptops have already done much better in the ports department.

Still, let's face reality.  If you want a Mac and you're a fan of traveling light, you have no other options.  Grin and bear it. Life could be worse.  =)

Personally, I went with the ThinkPad x60 last year (and painted it to take care of the looking nice part) and if I were to buy a notebook right now, it would probably be the Sony TZ.

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