Short update

Things are busy out here, as you might expect.  But as the frequency between posts grows, so does the guilt.  So to talk about current events…

I'm excited about Borat…it's getting fantastic reviews.  95% on Rotten Tomatoes last I checked, and for a while it was even in the top 250 on IMDB.  Unfortunately due to logistical snags we ended up not seeing it on Friday.  We'll have to correct that problem this week.  The movie was compressed to only 837 theatres this opening weekend to build some good buzz and word of mouth, so supposedly the showings have been absolutely packed.  This is precisely the kind of movie experience I enjoy, so perhaps I'll wait until next Friday to hit up the theatre.

In other news, I opened up my web browser on my Treo and saw a link to Google Maps for Treo, which I'd heard mentioned around here but hadn't tried yet.  An easy click or two later and I popped open the application.

I'm just going to say that I was thoroughly impressed.  Easy to use, decently fast even over my EDGE wireless connection, and much, much easier to use than any WAP site.  I guess there's still a place for rich clients after all!

I've been quite happy with my Treo to date…the only complaint at the moment being the crotch jabbing antenna.  Am looking forward to one of the newer models that rids us of that particular issue.


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