Mark Cuban, The Donald, a rubber glove, and one million dollars

In a fit of what must be either divine inspiration or complete lunacy, Mark Cuban has offered to donate a million dollars to charity if Donald Trump will put a rubber glove over his head and blow it up with his nose until it explodes.  This would be, of course, on his next scheduled appearance on Let’s Make a Deal…aka national television.

I’m sure there are a lot of people who would be up for doing something like this, but it’s only the Donald that gets the opportunity.  It’s odd how being rich and famous works…money just flies around you even if you aren’t necessarily doing anything to earn it.  Take Paris Hilton, for instance.  She’s rich and famous for being…rich and famous.

Someone just make sure to remind the Donald not to bring the glove down over his mouth too, or else he’ll suffocate and die.  That might be amusing for some of us, but the charity won’t be pleased.

Last but not least, could this be an evil plot by Mark to tear off the Donald’s toupee on national TV?  Can artificial hair withstand the rigors of a rubber glove descending over the head and then exploding under air pressure?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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