Politically incorrect moment

After many entries into the Win a DocuPen RC800 contest, Rob Bushway has finally picked the winner of the contest.  Go ahead and read the winning entry.

I have to say that I’m a bit puzzled by his choice.  Keep in mind the form factor of the DocuPen RC800.  You have to run your hand carefully down the document for each page, and it’s a small, expensive, and easily stolen gadget.

I think this gesture is well intentioned, and it’s certainly his to make.  But it will clearly go to waste.  A 50 dollar flatbed scanner would help the winner of this contest more and cost less.  You cannot and should not scan the amount of documents this person dreams of scanning with a DocuPen.  I would have preferred to see the DocuPen go to an entrant that cares enough to know why they would benefit from one.  Reference the blog name, http://www.cutmeloose.com. I thought that was the point of a giveaway like this…to raise awareness of Tablet PC’s and the mobile lifestyle.

Now what I’ve said above is clearly not PC, but it is, in my opinion, completely correct.  I don’t get paid to be PC about usability.

The giveaway, however, is a tremendous gesture, and I do applaud Rob for his generosity and the buzz he’s helped to generate around the Tablet PC and Planon’s DocuPen with it.

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