Obscenities are still words

Interestingly, there’s a blog post from Frank La Vigne describing how a list of approximately 3000 words known as obscenities won’t be shown as potential choices to the user.

I wonder if this applies to the actual handwriting recognition.  I don’t know if you’ve ever worked with folks in their mid-20’s to 30’s, but it’s quite frequent for someone, trying out my tablet and the handwriting recognition for the first time, to sit down and write some obscenities down in OneNote to see if this thing really knows how to translate words or not.  The recognition on actually doesn’t go off that well…and after several runs, we all suspect now that the Tablet is “censoring” us.

So here’s a tip for the handwriting recognition folks…obscenity recognition is key when targeting the young male demographic.  The MTV generation will write them on your Tablets, and to make a good impression, you should translate them correctly.

Hey, nobody ever said life made sense.

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